Public Art

Julie Hand : Mosaic Artist

As a self-taught artist working my way through such textile arts as embroidery, knitting and quiltmaking, I arrived at  the door of mosaics some thirtyfive years ago to embrace the challenge of transfer  from soft textile to solid unyielding substance.

Inspired by such amazing artists as Hundertwasser, Picasso, and Gaudi I experiment  with  colour, texture and form, creating images that are inspired by  memories, experiences and emotions.

Mosaic is the perfect art form for me as, in the placing of the tesserae upon the worked surface, I can sense the rhythm of the image beating as the Andemento or 'flow of line' finds its way, creating a planned yet sponteneous partnership between thought and place.

My work is   created  from stained glass, as I delight in its depths, tones and hidden secrets of colour and texture. These along with with, dichroic glass, handmade beads, cabochons, millifiori, vintage jewellery,  fossils, and other ephemera as media, enable my aim of the transference of an inorganic rigid substance into a resonating, emotive and living piece of art.

Life is colour, passion, inspiration, and knowledge.  

Life is Art!